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Travel insurance and healthcare abroad

travel insurance

Many people, going on a trip, consider buying an insurance policy a waste of money. "Why buy an insurance policy when that money could be spent at leisure to better advantage?" - Many people think.

So today we offer to meet with some of the most frequently visited countries, which has its own peculiarities. I hope the information will prove useful to all fans of "stare" at the cultural attractions, hiking with a selfless romantics, get a thrill, or simply "swim, sunbathe and breathe curative sea air." In any case, before seeking medical help, be sure to call the service company and learn about treatment options.

The vast majority of tour operators already has cooperation agreements with insurance companies, and the cost of the policy previously laid in the tour package. In this case the standard policy provides, as a rule, only the minimum insurance coverage set by the country. So for most European countries - is 30,000 euros, and for the same in Turkey and Egypt, where the need for travel insurance is not fixed by law, the recommended amount is 15 thousand dollars. As the sad practice in the event of a serious emergency that money is not enough.

Prices of foreign doctors are usually much higher than those to which we are accustomed to at home, and continue to grow. The bill for the standard surgery can be up to several tens of thousands of dollars or euros. If insurance coverage is not enough, the tourist or his relatives will have to pay out of pocket. That's I recommends arrange insurance with a wide range of coverage - for an amount not less than 30 thousand dollars.
In practice, this represents a slight increase in the cost of the policy with a significant expansion of insurance guarantees. For example, the base rate for coverage in $ 15,000 amounts to roughly 55 cents a day. With coverage of 30 000 $, he grows to just 83 cents, and a solid insurance in the amount of $ 50,000 will cost $ 1.16 for a day of rest.
The difference of a few cents turns into a serious advantage. If the basic coverage, most insurers provide, above all, urgent medical aid, medicines, basic necessities, medical evacuation and repatriation in the event of death, and includes an extended visit to relatives, and early return, and legal assistance, and, if necessary, to complete treatment complete recovery.
You can immediately get the extended insurance policy when booking your trip in a travel agency. Also, the tourist can apply directly to the insurer if, for example, a travel agency does not have a desired type of insurance.

Types of travel insurance
In addition to health insurance, there are many more programs designed to protect travelers against possible misfortunes. It is not only unexpected illnesses and injuries can spoil a trip.
Suppose a tourist is going to lease operations - then why not take out insurance of civil liability. The traveler, who is afraid of losing in the flight and move their belongings, can insure themselves against loss of baggage. Athletes and fans of extreme sports should pay attention to the extended insurance against accidents. If a tourist wants to go to a country with a visa regime is recommended to design the insurance from his own recognizance.
Some tour operators include the insurance of his own recognizance in the packages and define it as a prerequisite.
Thus, we consider in more detail each of the insurance policies (listed below the main types of insurance with the average data):

• Health insurance

Insurance cases: sudden illness or death from the disease abroad.
Exceptions: All insurance companies do not recognize the perils insured against sickness occurred as a result of alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse. Not covered by insurance for treatment of chronic, gynecological, psychiatric diseases and cancer, and treatment of burns and allergies. Suicide is not an insurance case.

Raising the cost of factors: extreme sports holiday in the place, the age of traveler (as a rule, if it exceeds 65 years).

Calculation of cost: the amount that a tourist pays for your insurance is directly proportional to the age, location, type and hours of rest.

• From an accident

Insurance cases: compensation for damage caused by the disability, persistent deterioration of health or death of the client as a result of an unforeseen event.

Exceptions: cases which have arisen due to alcohol or drugs.

Raising rates: for members of "risk groups" (skiers, skydivers, mountain climbers, the elderly) cost of the policy is determined by the specific tariff rates.

Calculation of cost: the cost of the policy depends on the length of trips and the sum insured. The sum insured is determined by agreement between the parties. On average, if the trip takes several days, and the maximum amount of 5,000 euros, then the policy will cost $ 0.25 for each day of stay abroad.

Note: between the general health insurance and insurance against accidents is a lot in common. But is particularly noteworthy that if medical insurance will cover the cost of treating tourists on the spot, the accident insurance usually involves paying a certain sum as compensation for the arrival of a tourist home. Some insurance companies provide the opportunity to purchase both insurance in the complex.

• Insurance on own recognizance

Insurance cases: the refusal of a visa, getting to the military agenda, or the court, the abolition of travel due to illness of the insured or relatives. The reason for the refusal of the trip can be a serious damage to property, a tourist (for example, flooded the apartment.)

Exceptions: The insurance company shall not be liable if the trip "fell through" due to the fault of the insured.

Calculation of cost: the price of the policy ranges from 1.5% to 4% of the total tour price. Some tour operators have put up the price of this type of insurance - from 10 to 30 euros. Typically, it involves only one insured event - the refusal of a visa.

• Liability insurance

Insurance cases: compensation for harm caused to life, health or property of third parties during the trip. Sometimes, this insurance shall also include payment of the costs of conducting trials.
Exceptions: the damage caused by design, the influence of alcohol or by reason of mental disorder.

Calculation of cost: the price depends on the maximum amount of insurance coverage, which is prescribed in the contract and is determined at the request of the insured. It happens that limits the amount of compensation to tens of thousands of dollars.

Multiplying factors: extreme sports

Note: Insurance is highly recommended for tourists who travel abroad for leisure activities or extreme sports - increases the likelihood that the traveler may cause harm to others (for example, accidentally hit a man on a ski slope), or damage to the leased property (eg, sports equipment). Also recommend this type of insurance for those planning to rent a car, boat or other form of transport.

• The loss of baggage

Insurance cases: reimbursement of the cost of lost things as a result of air travel, natural disaster, fire, accident, explosion, malicious acts.

Exceptions: those who have lost luggage on their own negligence, the policy will not help.

Calculating the cost: an individual account depending on the value of things. Also the duration of the trip.
It's not all the possible programs on the market of travel insurance. In fact, the tourist can individually insure themselves for all occasions - from flight delays to steal valuables.

How does the insurance work?
Tourist is important to understand that the provision of insurance services is not responsibility of travel agent who sold insurance for tourists, but the insurance company, under contract with the signature of a client. In practice, most tourists have faced during your holiday with an emergency situation, first of all begin to call your manager or tour operator, and must as soon as possible to contact the service center of the insurer. And just in case, if for some reason this is not possible, to connect to the problem of employee newsletters.
Thus, the provision of services under an insurance policy, abroad engaged in special service centers (also called assistance centers). Each service center has a clock tower, where the visitor should immediately call if something happened. There he explained the entire sequence of forward and organize the necessary assistance.
Currently, there are two types of insurance services - wear and maintenance. In the first case, provides for payment of all medical spending by tourists and their subsequent compensation when returning to home. To do this, the tourist must present all checks and receipts, which he received in the calculation for the services of doctors and buying medicines.
But with tourism service insurance the insurer pays the necessary help immediately. It is worth noting that the mass tourism destinations, as a rule, given this type of service. If the traveler has gone to unusual personal tour, it is likely that he will have to deal with compensation option, because the insurance company may simply not have a representative in that region.

What is a franchise in the travel insurance?

One of those tricky points of the contract, which is usually no one pays attention. And it is in vain. The deductible for insurance - it's kind of an arrangement between the insurer and the client, confirming that the latter is ready to take on some of the loss. There are dozens of kinds of franchisee - a temporary, high, dynamic, but travelers insurance is generally used, of course.

What are its features and benefits for each party? In the policy specifies a fixed amount or a percentage of the sum insured, which the tourist is willing to pay on the spot, if the insured event yet come. In most cases, this amount does not exceed $ 30 (with health insurance) or up to 15% of the cost of the tour (for insurance on his own recognizance). This policy costs the customer less, and many are choosing a franchise option to save. But it is important to remember that if an insured event yet come from the insurance payment will be deducted the amount of the franchise.

It turns out that choosing a franchise policy, Customer agrees that its insurance - it is a deposit that can be activated only paying the agreed amount in advance. It is convenient for those who prefer to save money and hope that all of the insured event did not occur. If the client wishes, he can choose a normal variant of the insurance, without a franchise - in this case for the policy he would have to pay a little more, but in the future any additional expenditure is needed.

For insurers the unconditional franchise system is convenient in that it helps prevent abuse of the insurance cases, and cut off small losses. For example, you cut your finger. The cost of iodine and bandages - $ 2. You can call your physician and classified as an accident injury, but then, regardless of the amount by which the treatment will be provided, since you will be charged the cost of a franchise - is, for example, $ 30. Of course, in this case, small scratch would be easier and cheaper to treat yourself without using the services of an insurance company. But if you need a serious and expensive care, then it will make sense to pay those $ 30 and get a full coverage under the contract.
At the same time, the conditions of insurance deductible for insurance companies may be very different, to insure against such surprises tourists, and travel agents can help close examination of the contract.

I would like to recommend tourists to take responsibility for the issue of insurance for the period of stay on vacation and do not forget to read the information contained in the policy.

I wish all travelers a pleasant and relaxing holiday!


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  3. So many options for insurances out there. It's crazy how high some of the plans are, but you can't really afford not to have it when you actually do get sick. I wish it was simpler and easier to get good health insurance

  4. Great overview of travelers insurance. This is one of the more complicated kinds of insurances out there, since there's just so many variables compared to the other kinds.