Tuesday, 20 March 2012

France launches gold coin 1000 Euros

thousand euro
Mint of France begins this week to issue gold coin one thousand euros. The first "gold", as reported today in the office, go on sale in May, submitting online application for purchase in advance is available - from March 23 to April 21.

It will be made 10 thousand of these coins. "The acquisition of this banknote with an exquisite engraving of an investment is a win-win", - noted, demonstrating the novelty, the representatives of the Mint.The obverse of the 20-gram coins diameter 39 mm, the center is engraved the figure of Hercules. "This is a stylized image of a modern hero of Greek mythology, whose image adorned the old French silver coin 20, 50 and 100 francs", - the chasers. To the left of Hercules represented the goddess of liberty with the Phrygian cap on his head, and right - the goddess of the equity holding in her left hand weights. Together they embody the concept of "brotherhood." The reverse has a nominal value - «EURO 1000". Around this inscription shows two branches - an oak and laurel.The Paris Mint will release later this copy of the silver coins in denominations of € 100. By the end of the year waiting for a gift of numismatists - "gold" in the same series in denominations of five thousand euros.Used for minting gold 999. Representatives of the Mint hopes that their creation would have to their liking, not only collectors, but also business people. "In an extreme case of a coin, you can always sell it for face value" - they say. Meanwhile, the price of an ounce  gold on the market now than in 1640 dollars.


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