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Profitable investment: Investing into oil futures

investment oil futures
The modern stock exchange and investment infrastructure allows any investor to perform transactions with oil, petroleum, electric power without owning the oil rigs, pipelines and power plants.     
       The most popular among investors is the current futures contract for North Sea oil brand Brent. Quotes of the contract are set in U.S. dollars. The contract does not involve physical delivery of the asset. Closing of positions at the date of execution happens to the calculation of variation margin as the price of the accepted value of ICE Brent Index. 
To make oil futures trade profitable you need to buy it cheap and sell at high prices, just using your online access to stock market.

Failures and risings of world oil prices are always unexpected, and none of the competing theories of market analysis does not give them a satisfactory explanation. Leverage with which some of today's major global players could deliberately, quickly and at reasonable cost adjust the price of oil is not visible. But let’s look at history.

Rothschild banking dynasty, founded in the early nineteenth century, was linked to intelligence services. Already during the war with Napoleon, they have created in Europe a very extensive network of agents. It consisted of more than 200 sources of valuable political, economic and military information.

The main financial success of the banking house of Rothschild preceded the invention of the telegraph era. It has been perfectly organized system of collection and transfer of information. The Battle of Waterloo was a turning point in the history of the clan. Agents in London, Nathan Meyer, closely followed the developments on the continent. Evening of June 15, 1815 the agent received a message about the outcome of the battle, crossed the English Channel with the secret dispatches of victory over the French. In the morning dozens of brokers operating on the London Stock Exchange as directed by the Rothschild began to sell shares at a slightly reduced price. Exchange trembled: "Rothschild knows! Wellington defeated! "Soon, stock trading has evolved into a general panic sell. And then Nathan Meyer bought almost the entire stock market at bargain prices. In one trading day Rothschild increased its capital by 20 times. The final fall of the Napoleonic Empire, marked the birth of the Rothschild empire.
According to another version, the Rothschilds had bribed Marshal Grouchy french, who at the battle of Waterloo, supposedly "lost" and did not arrive on the battlefield. Before the end of his life Napoleon I thought it was a quick Marshal guilt in the defeat of the French.The Rothschilds earned money because they knew the outcome of Waterloo battle and they have information others didn’t have. 

The war in Iraq has led the price of oil tripled. According to one of the leading experts, the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq has tripled oil prices and cost the world much as $ 6 trillion, if we take only the increase in energy prices.

Researcher Dr. Mamdu oil market Salameh (Mamdouh Salameh), collaborating with the World Bank and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), said at late 2008 to Sunday Independent

 If not the Iraq war, the price of oil today would be no higher than $ 40 barrel, which is almost three times lower than the record level of $ 135 a barrel reached last week.
After the following 13 days of continuous growth, oil prices set a new record. They are now six times higher than in 2002 - and even during the 'oil shock' of 1973-74., Which ended a long postwar boom, the increase was only fourfold.

The war in Iraq began after an attack on word trade center. The people who bought oil futures before terrorist attack on word trade center and sold them later earned billions. It is not difficult to conclude that some people knew about this terrorist attack on WTC before the attack and they predict oil prices increase. It is well known fact that George Bush had business in oil industry and has friends and business partners in oil industry.

War in Iraq is the past but what is now. It is going a new war in Persian gulf against Iran. This war will increase oil prices again.

The U.S. and its allies began to move its troops to the Gulf region, which is another argument in favor of the opinions of those experts who had previously stated about the inevitability of a military operation against Iran. According to Israeli media, with reference to his military sources, troops began to arrive at Masirah Oman peninsula, located south of the Strait of Hormuz. About 10,000 U.S. troops are currently in Israel to test a missile defense system of the country. Also today in Kuwait are two U.S. Army helicopter crews and the total number of U.S. troops here reached 15,000 people. On landing ships in the Persian Gulf placed Expeditionary Marine battalion numbering about two thousand people. According to the newspaper The Huffington Post, the American base on the British island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean brought hundreds of concrete-bomb capable of destroying a well-fortified underground bunkers.

It is worth noting that currently in the Gulf region have been on duty, two U.S. aircraft carrier strike groups led by the aircraft carriers Abraham Lincoln and Carl Vinson. In March, is expected to be joined by another carrier - Enterprise. A few days ago it became known that from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea entered the U.S. nuclear submarine and a destroyer Annapolis Momsen. Most likely, they also hold the course in the Gulf region. U.S. allies - France and Britain do not sit on the ground too. They throw their own navy, air force and special forces to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. At the same time Saudi Arabia has moved part of its ground forces in the eastern regions, where the main areas of oil production. We also learned that France will transfer to the Gulf region a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. It is expected that in March and April in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea will be focused at least four aircraft carrier battle groups, the U.S. Navy and the French.

Maintaining air carrier battle group is very expensive. Having 5 battle groups in one region cannot be without a serious reason. If you know exactly the date this war start you can make billions. They cannot start this war without a reason in the eyes of the people. They need some kind of hostile action from the Iran or provocation.

It will be during London Olympics games, some kind of organised disasters or terrorist attack with destroying of Big Ben. All word will see this and Iran will be blamed for that.
They need a good reason to start invasion into Iran. This event should give them full credit to start a war in the eyes of the whole world population. Any action against Olympic games would be considered as the hostile action against all humanity - very good reason to get public support. It could be different kind of actions including bio attack in London tube or explosion of big ben. I measure the chance of this event at 85%. The best bet is to buy oil futures right before London Olympics or at the beginning of them.

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