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Money saving tips

money saving tips

There is no absolute reliability in finances - most people make money and soon loses them, because they have not learned to save money.

Most makes and loses money. Why is this happening? Is it because they learned to make money and have not learned to keep them?

Studies show that in the West and the United States out of 100 businesses, only four have become rich and keep their money.

But if you follow some rules to keep money you will have a great chance to save and increase your money many times.

Do not believe what you hear. Check and analyse everything.
Every minute in the financial sector there are ten frauds. Most of them are unintentional - they can call the financial discrepancies. But while people are losing money, and considerable.

In the field of finance there is no unterested persons: each pursuing their own selfish personal goals. Everyone tries to play for increase or for decrease. For example, in nine cases out of ten tips to buy come from the sellers themselves, and selling tips - from buyers.

With respect to reports on the activities of joint stock companies, they also can not be trusted blindly. A sad example of our recent past - the mortgage crysis.

Not credible and balance sheets. Every year, thousands of them spending takes the form of income, and vice versa.

Incompetence, excessive credulity and ignorance is always dangerous, but most of all - the world of finance. Therefore, buy only what you already know well.

Avoid getting money to others if it is not profitable for you - this rule will save you from many losses.
Thanks to the efforts of various parasites (the state government is the biggest), and various kinds of swindlers, cheats and beggars in the world today is very well developed art of depriving people of their money. The man with the money should stay as a besieged fortress. Please note that the art of attack in the field of finance is much superior to the art of defense.

In particular, we should never yield to the onslaught undertaken. Every time you need to safely, calmly ask yourself: "What do I get and what will get?" Your own interest - it is not something that should be ashamed of. Its advantage is a fundamental value in the business.

Be nimble as possible when making your own business, playing his game. But when it comes to what to part with your money or property, be slow. Do not buy, do not give, do not let you borrow and invest money under pressure.

In the world of finance the main way to make money - speculation.
Many investments suddenly turned into speculation, but many speculations into investments. That's why you can not cancel any laws nor the founders and sponsors, no stock scams.

You will avoid a significant miscalculation, if you make money on the property and not on the plans. The difference between them lies in the fact that the property has an integral value, while the value of the plan depends entirely on its implementation. The most perfect plan could be prelude to bankruptcy.

Plan - this is what people want to believe, not what what they should believe. Therefore, plans will always be popular. And always will be the same fraud histories.

The more intelligent the person, the more he can rely on the plans. The harder he thinks, the more he has to deal with the property. That is why the study all the details of the plan, of property itself. The plan, in essence - nothing a quick way to waste of money, of course, if the plan should not be a person with experience, ability, integrity, sufficient for its successful implementation.

Until you become so rich that can afford to lose money and do not regret it, do not buy a single thing because you liked it.
Often, an inexperienced trader buys goods that satisfy only the taste, and then discovers that nobody is interested in them. And the goods are deposited a dead weight on his balance sheet.

When buying you should always take into account the following what selling price determined by demand rather than cost or value, you can not spend the money for the sake of their own desires and think about it, what you are doing capital investment, the more unusual subject is, the less chance of finding him a buyer. The more familiar something is, the more it attracts buyers.

In other words, we must strive to ensure that from a financial point of view, the goods were as much as possible like the money. Great value for money is that they are necessary for everyone. Therefore, when you buy something, consider this: is it possible to raise the price and there are other people who need it? If yes - you can safely buy. The cost of the property depends in part on its ability to be sold. Except for those cases when you have money you are willing to lose, buy only what you can sell quickly without loss. Do not mess with the fact that you can not sell.

It is better to get a small profit now than a major later
We are all too attached to their property and treat it as something inalienable, not sold. Too many people overcome by suspicion, when they offer their goods for a high price. They prefer to wait for further improvement. But it is the wrong position. The point is to use every opportunity to correct and quick profit. Each small piece attached to what is already there, making you richer.

Learn to make money through entrepreneurship: thinking, planning, using the opportunities offered by price fluctuations. This is a creative work, a legitimate way to make money, the most useful and least harmful from all employed in the business world.

In finance, the crowd always loses.
Investment in the market, there are always two crowds: the crowd of buyers and sellers of the crowd. And when a man gets on the market, he always attached to the crowd, which is larger. That is what is one of the main reasons for losses. Keep track of prices should be, not the crowd. Finance - the opposite of politics, there are few worries the majority opinion. Prices are not set by voting.

The conclusion is: never buy when there is more buyers than sellers. Do not sell when more sellers than buyers - get a pittance. Most people are optimistic in the boom and the pessimists - during the Depression. But the one who really makes money, while playing a pessimist and an optimist boom during the depression.

When prices are high, we think that they will rise even higher. The truth is that if the price of some goods is growing, this is a sign of his imminent fall. And if something is cheaper, then after this price hike will follow.

Most firms are low income because theirs capitals are not in circulation
Too many items lying on the back shelves. Too many unused equipment. Too much supply of raw materials. Too many buildings ... All this means idle capital, and a kind of paralysis.

The rate of return is more dependent on the rate of sales than from high prices. More profitable to make 5% per month, over 30% per year. It is known to all lenders, but not all traders. The rule should be a successful trader: "I bought today - sell tomorrow." The same rule is good for the financiers. Constantly keep your money in circulation. t is necessary to make sure that it worked, but not asleep - found a use and quickly returned, leading a new small coin.

As soon as you make sure that you can effectively handle money, urgently take the credit
Many businesses are experiencing the horror of debt. They are engaged in the business, using only what they have themselves. They obviously are reinsured. And the result - come into the open ocean trade and commerce on a small ship, whose name is "Cash" and try to stay closer to shore. But more rocks on the shore and shallow water is much more dangerous than the deep water.

Every businessman should have some of his money before dared to ask money from others. But as soon as you make sure that you can effectively handle money, urgently take the credit. And do not wait until earn more. If you want to earn more money, get a loan for as much as you can invest in your business. It will pay off quickly and begin to make a profit.

The main thing in business - that's not what he seems, and that which he makes a profit
Every big businessman, starting a business, think about it first, and then about himself. It is better to have a flourishing business in the stable than the loss-making - in a building of glass and concrete.

Encourage businesses to engage in two factors: profit and pride. If you take out a loan for a profit - all in order. But if you borrow for the promotion of their own pride - your business is in danger. Borrowed money or uplift or cast down - depending on how they are used.


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