Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Britain's budget deficit has doubled in February and reached a record £ 15,2 billions

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Britain's budget deficit has increased by almost half in February amid falling taxes and spending rising

Net borrowings excluding bank support was a record £ 15,2 billion in February compared with £ 8,9 billion a year earlier, said the Office for National Statistics UK. Bloomberg News earlier predicted a deficit of £ 8 billion

Britain's finance minister George Osborne has rejected calls to reduce their program cuts, saying the warning by rating agencies Fitch and Moody's that Britain could lose top credit rating, emphasize the need to adhere to its plan to reduce the deficit by 2017."It provides a very troubling backdrop for the budget", - said economist Philip Shaw Investec Securities."We'll keep talking tough today, but on such an unpleasant figures for February. The fact that the deterioration of this magnitude is a big surprise, "- he added.Osborne had previously said it plans measures to combat tax evasion in the real estate transaction, and that his plan will seek to help workers with low incomes. In addition, he advocated the placement of government bonds for a term of 100 years or more.

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