Friday, 30 March 2012

Most profitable professions

most profitable professions
In order to be able to live quite well on one salary, you should think twice before choosing a profession. The representatives of different professions have different wages and envy in the society. Do not be afraid to learn again and discover something new and it does not matter how many years you have already.

After all, we live in a unique time, when to take courses, seminars, training sessions without leaving the house and you need to do just something to have a computer and Internet access. And with a choice of training and now there is no problem. This may be the traditional courses in foreign languages, work with certain programs, or estimate of courses, which will allow you to explore the theory and practice of the estimated cases in the construction.

One of the most popular and highest paid professions profession and the world is a doctor. Being a doctor is to be successful and financially secure man. On top of all the doctors on their income is a surgeon. In developed European countries and the U.S., surgeon profit is about 220$ dollars a year. The second place of honor among all physicians is an anesthesiologist, followed by a gynecologist.

If you couldn’t be the doctor, then you can try yourself as a master or chief executive. Such a position in a company can bring up to 167 thousand dollars a year. The post of technical director is also very much appreciated in the world. At least you are provided with140$ thousand a year.

The fourth position is sure to take the pilot of civil aviation. Approximate salary of a pilot is 134 thousand dollars a year. The last of the five most highly paid occupations is a dentist. Treating other people's teeth, you can make even the 132-135 thousand dollars a year. The top ten rankings professions are lawyers, dispatcher air traffic control, computer systems managers, marketing managers, a manager in the scientific field.


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