Saturday, 31 March 2012

Taming your money

The financial issue is always worried about everyone. Their presence determines the range of human capabilities and the lack of difficult life. How to keep them, how to treat them and how to increase their financial situation? Money have their soul. Working on this subject, the journalist spoke to the competent people in this area. And if you want to know, even visited the well-known and respected in the capital of psychics. If you believe in mysticism, it turns out that money has its egregore (energy) and the soul. A person who treats them contemptuously, and easily rolls down the drain, never to live in financial abundance.

Personal finance tips

personal finance tips
All people - are completely different. We all have different lives, different interests and different professions. However, there are universal things that people face every day, and for each knowledge in this area are needed. I'm talking about the field of personal finances, which is involved in each. Whatever people involved, whatever the profession and its main area of ​​interest, personal finance is still there for each and, therefore, competent management of personal finances - it's a problem that faces everyone.

The biggest lottery prize - $640 millions

biggest lottery prize
The biggest lottery jackpot in history at a rate of $ 640 million drawn in the U.S., according to the Associated Press on Saturday.

The owner of the ticket lottery lucky Mega Millions with the numbers 2-4-23-38-46 get dizzy prize: $ 640 million - is unprecedented in size to the sum of the history of American lotteries, according to the official website of the organizers.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Most profitable professions

most profitable professions
In order to be able to live quite well on one salary, you should think twice before choosing a profession. The representatives of different professions have different wages and envy in the society. Do not be afraid to learn again and discover something new and it does not matter how many years you have already.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mortgage in UK

mortgage uk
English law does not affect the acquisition of real estate by foreigners. Non-residents have the same rights as the British themselves. Moreover, foreign buyers are exempt from inheritance tax and capital gains, which is for local residents is 40%. The size of the mortgage loan to residents who buy real estate in England, can reach up to 85% of the total project cost.

Non-residents can go and see from abroad in the possession of the ordinary visitor's visa. The fact is that, unlike other European countries, the availability of real estate in the property does not give foreigners the right to receive any British citizenship or the registration of permanent residence.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Saving money in offshore

saving money offshore

If you are running a small scale business may be you are thinking offshore is not for you it is only for big corporations. The reality is everyone can get benefits from offshore even if you are self employed or work on permanent job. You can create a saving offshore account for your salary payments, so no more tax on dividends. This is the smallest thing offshore can offer you. Plenty of people spends hours, days, pay to lawyers to fill complicated tax declarations and loose their money and time. If you have an offshore bank account or company, you can spend your time and money on what you really enjoy like playing tennis or golf.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Avoiding taxes in UK legally

avoiding taxes uk
If you are hard working british citizen earning about 40000£ per year you pay in income tax 10437£ per year. Four month a year you work only for paying income tax and national insurance. Just imagine you can leave this money with you legally. What you prefer a new car, refurbish your house, paying your mortgage or get rid of your debt. You deserve that ,you work hard for that.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Mortgage in Europe

mortgage europe
The average fixed rate for mortgage loans in the EU are 3.2% -6% per annum, loan term - 30 years, the amount of credit - 60% - 80% of the value of the acquired property.

According to experts, the easiest to get a loan in the UK, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, France and Israel. Prices varies for each country, for example, a small apartment (38 m2) in Germany can be bought for 14 thousand euros, a villa in Turkey (270 m2) - over 58 thousand euros.

Mortgage in USA

mortgage usa
The average cost of a mortgage loan in the U.S. depends on a variety of conditions approximately 3.2-7% per annum. If a resident of another country decides to issue the loan, such as UK, because of the pop-risk rate can be increased by 1-2%. There are two types of rates: floating (subject to change every few years) and fixed (installed for the duration of payments). Loans at floating rates are cheaper, but riskier than fixed. The average size of occupied facilities is 150 thousand dollars.

Money saving tips

money saving tips

There is no absolute reliability in finances - most people make money and soon loses them, because they have not learned to save money.

Most makes and loses money. Why is this happening? Is it because they learned to make money and have not learned to keep them?

Studies show that in the West and the United States out of 100 businesses, only four have become rich and keep their money.

But if you follow some rules to keep money you will have a great chance to save and increase your money many times.

Promising investment - investment into silver

investment silver
Silver can be considered not only the metal used to produce inexpensive jewelry, but also the object of long-term investment. From 1950 world silver inventories have fallen by 93%, while industrial consumption of silver continues to exceed the supply of silver. In the time interval from 2015 to 2020 it will be world shortage of silver.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Most profitable business in history - The Federal Reserve System

most profitable business federal reserve

Since 1913 the currency of the United States owned and operated by a private corporation of international bankers, known as the Federal Reserve System. The group publishes "Federal Reserve Notes" and lends them to the Treasury of the United States. Then the American taxpayers are paying interest of the Federal Reserve banking families for the right to use their money. Thus, the banking family of the Federal Reserve can print as much money as they want, and secretly give them to whom they want, without any supervision or interference by the government of the United States.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tips for buying a house

buying house tips

Buying a house can be a thrilling experience, even if, from time to time, this process will be fraught with fear and doubt. Buying a house is a wise investment on many levels - it will give you peace of mind and ensures that your home - is a good financial investment.

Good house means good weekends, and people always love it! It will also help sell the house in the future. Good house also means good health, happiness and prosperity. Is not this the very same hopes that you invest into a new house?

Inflation in the UK continued to fall, reached to 3.4 percent in February

bank of england
Inflation in the UK continued to fall down from 3.6 percent in January to 3.4 percent in February.

Britain's budget deficit has doubled in February and reached a record £ 15,2 billions

uk finances
Britain's budget deficit has increased by almost half in February amid falling taxes and spending rising

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

France launches gold coin 1000 Euros

thousand euro
Mint of France begins this week to issue gold coin one thousand euros. The first "gold", as reported today in the office, go on sale in May, submitting online application for purchase in advance is available - from March 23 to April 21.

Investment into real estate in developping countries

investment real estate
In most developed countries like UK and USA houses prices now are stagnant. It could take months or even a year to sell a property at descent price. When I was living in Aylesbury near London in United Kingdom, every day I was walking to my job and was seeing the same properties for sale for years. The house near me was sold after one year and a half.

If you look at real estate market at developing countries you can see completly different picture.When I moved into Moscow I was shocked, investments into real estate are a golden field you can grad as much as you want. Speculative demand quickly drives up the price (increase in recent months does not fall below 0.5% per week). In some profitable districts it rises even to 1% per week. You can easily deal 50-70% per year or even more if you are lucky. .This is especially true flats of the lower price segment, where customers in an effort to catch up with "Leave the train" are ready to buy housing at any stage of construction and in virtually any location.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Profitable investment: Investing into oil futures

investment oil futures
The modern stock exchange and investment infrastructure allows any investor to perform transactions with oil, petroleum, electric power without owning the oil rigs, pipelines and power plants.     
       The most popular among investors is the current futures contract for North Sea oil brand Brent. Quotes of the contract are set in U.S. dollars. The contract does not involve physical delivery of the asset. Closing of positions at the date of execution happens to the calculation of variation margin as the price of the accepted value of ICE Brent Index. 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Life insurance

life insurance
Life Insurance - one of the traditional types of insurance. The purpose of this insurance is compensation for the harm caused to health and life of the insured. And, as a result, maintaining the life of the insured and his family in an accident.

Travel insurance and healthcare abroad

travel insurance

Many people, going on a trip, consider buying an insurance policy a waste of money. "Why buy an insurance policy when that money could be spent at leisure to better advantage?" - Many people think.

So today we offer to meet with some of the most frequently visited countries, which has its own peculiarities. I hope the information will prove useful to all fans of "stare" at the cultural attractions, hiking with a selfless romantics, get a thrill, or simply "swim, sunbathe and breathe curative sea air." In any case, before seeking medical help, be sure to call the service company and learn about treatment options.

Postcards insurance

postcards insurance
Apollo crew before start
When NASA was preparing to launch manned spacecraft "Apollo" for landing on the moon, none of the insurance companies agreed to insure the lives of astronauts, since the risks were too high.

In order to compensate the families of the astronauts, after the possible accidents, NASA issued special cards on which the crew members left theirs signature before the departure. Each run produced a new card. Here's how they look: